Former Cop Pleads Guilty to Selling $170K in Fake Body Armor

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Marco DeCamillo, a 41-year-old former police officer, pleaded guilty on Thursday to one count of mail fraud related to the sale of misbranded body armor. While he was a cop, DeCamillo also ran Mad Dragon Tactical, a business he owned and operated, where he sold a variety of body armor, which were falsely classified.

DeCamillo made various claims about certain body armor products, including that some would provide protection from armor piercing rounds or were constructed of specific materials, such as HY80 and A4600 steel. He used his status as a police officer in West Reading, Pennsylvania to help make sales, including to defense, military, and law enforcement buyers.

In December 2015, the FBI was contacted by a defense contractor and National Institute of Justice (NIJ) lab regarding the misuse of a ballistics data sheet produced by the organization and used by Mad Dragon Tactical. The data sheet in question included results from ballistics tests on a ballistic test shield and not the steel body armor plates that Mad Dragon Tactical claimed were covered in the materials.

During the subsequent investigation, the FBI identified listings on the Mad Dragon Tactical website that included altered ballistics data sheets. Additionally, in January and February 2016, the FBI office in Maryland, using an undercover identity, purchased several body armor products from DeCamillo’s company, and the corresponding deliveries included altered ballistics test sheets, with one including a handwritten note stating, “Note-During testing Armor plate stopped (2) .308 Armor piercing Black Tip AP and (3) 7.62×39 Chinese Steel Core Armor Piercing AP rounds,” according to a release by the Department of Justice.

After a search warrant was issued, investigators found ballistics sheets that had been altered with “white out” and had other redacted information in DeCamillo’s home.

In an interview, DeCamillo admitted to the FBI that he knew the body armor being sold by Mad Dragon Tactical was not NIJ certified as he claimed.

DeCamillo faces up to 20 years in prison, and a sentencing hearing has been scheduled for March 8.