Forklift Driver Causes Entire Warehouse to Collapse Like Dominoes [VIDEO]

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The dramatic moment a forklift driver bumped into a shelving unit and caused an entire warehouse of goods to come crashing to the ground was caught on video, inevitably making its way onto social media. After tapping the massive shelving unit, a domino effect began, ultimately leading the forklift to be completely buried.

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While the original footage is over a year old, the video was posted on Facebook on Sunday. According to a report by the Daily Mail, the incident took place in a distribution warehouse, though it isn’t specifically identified.

Workers can be seen at the bottom of the screen as the forklift operator makes his way down the aisle.

As the forklift driver navigates through the warehouse, he begins to veer towards one side, possibly in an attempt to squeeze the forklift between one of the shelving units and a stack of items sitting in the middle of the floor.

However, disaster strikes when the forklift bumps into the shelf, causing items to start tumbling to the ground.

The workers on the floor can be seen fleeing the area, looking to avoid being caught up in the avalanche of products.

The forklift and driver end up buried in a matter of seconds as the shelves further back along the aisle continue to fall.

Once the shelves to the immediate right and left of the forklift finish crashing to the ground, other shelves to the right also tumble to the floor. The left side of the warehouse remains partially intact.

The condition of the driver after the incident is unknown and some on social media wondered if he even could have survived the accident.