Football Fan High Fives Girlfriend in the Face [VIDEO]

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You have to cut this dude some slack. The Gators are winning. That hasn’t happened in a while, and the school is accustomed to fielding winners. So when The Tigers threw one last, desperate pass and a Gator picked it off, this fan wanted to celebrate with a good high-five. Only, his companion wasn’t ready for it.

Or maybe he simply missed. Either way, the energetic fan came in a bit a bit heavy-handed. He ended up bopping the woman he was with right on her nose. The impact seemed to be a bit of a surprise, but not a serious blow.

She’s probably more embarrassed by the media coverage, like ours, that suggest she’s romantically involved with the young man who smacked her in the face.

Either way, they undoubtedly left happy. This wasn’t a game that you leave early. LSU was visiting at Florida, and The Swamp was alive with the energy as two ranked SEC teams squared off in what has become a serious rivalry.

And the game was good. The Gators’ upset win over No. 5 LSU 27-19 suggests it was more one-sided than it actually was. The Tigers could have come back at any point, at least until that last interception sealed their fate.

Brad Stewart Jr.’s had even intercepted a throw that he returned for a Gator touchdown just moments before. That swung the momentum squarely in the Gator’s favor, but LSU wasn’t out of it.

Yet Gator DB Donovan Stiner intercepted Joe Burrow’s last pass and that was it.The crowd went wild. The Gators claimed the day in the rivalry, and earned a major upset that may place them on the road toward significance in the SEC.

They still have to make it through a more intense rivalry with a ranked Georgia team, a team that may not be as easily beaten.

If the Gators do come out on top, though, odds are the woman in the video above will be looking for the high-five.