Woman on Subway Violently BITES Her Dog. Then a Passenger Steps Up [VIDEO]

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Footage posted to Youtube appears to show a woman on in a subway car abusing her dog during her trip. The woman, who was aboard a Toronto, Canada train, hits, grabs, shakes, yells at, and even bites the small dog multiple times in the three minute long video originally posted by Youtube user Roxy Huang.

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Early in the video, the woman can be seen yelling at, hitting, and shaking the dog, telling it to, “Stop it.” It is unclear what behavior from the dog she was trying to correct or prevent.

As the video goes on, the woman then disturbingly bites the dog on the head. It’s hard to see how hard the woman bit the dog, but the action obviously attracted a lot of attention as multiple passengers were already paying attention to her interaction with the small dog.

At one point, the dog desperately tries to run towards a passenger sitting near the woman, but she picks the dog back up by his leash and pulls him back towards her.

At one point, a male passenger asks the woman to stop abusing her dog:

The original description of the video is:

It happened today, Aug 4, 2017, on TTC. I just finished work and got on TTC at Bloor-Yonge station. This trash non-stop hits her dog bites and pulled its hair. I was so furious to see her abuse her dog. After few mins, a man walked to her and asked her to stop, meanwhile, a man walked to driver’s room.

The whole train stopped, more than 3 TTC staff walked to her and then she got off the train. Someone like her should never own a dog or a pet.

It is unclear if the woman faced any criminal charges or repercussions for her actions.

Here is the original footage uploaded to Youtube of the incident: