Footage of Woman Trying to Gas Up Her Borrowed Tesla Goes Viral [VIDEO]

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A video clip of a woman attempting to put gas into a Tesla electric car has gone viral. The footage was captured by a group of friends in a vehicle behind her, who watch and laugh hysterically as the woman opens the charging port and attempts to insert the nozzle from the fuel pump.

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The woman mainly appears unfamiliar with the Tesla as she tries to fuel it. While she had her credit card out, prepared to pay for gas, she couldn’t figure out where to insert the nozzle, seeming to forget – or not know – that the car was electric.

At one point, the woman circles around the vehicle, trying to figure out where the gas tank is located.

When she approaches the electrical charging port, she tries to insert the nozzle but fails.

As she struggles at the pump, she pops the trunk open by mistake.

After not being able to identify the problem, she grabs her smartphone and makes a call, possibly to get help from someone who knows the vehicle better.

After a few minutes of the onlookers laughing in their car, a man jumps out of the vehicle and runs up to the woman.

He informs her as to why she can’t seem to figure out where to insert the gas nozzle. The woman takes it in stride, even appearing amused as she thanks the man who came to her aid.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, the original video, which was posted on YouTube, has racked up about 325,000 views since going live on Sunday.