Following Manchester Attack, ISIS Releases Video Showing Las Vegas as Possible Next Target [VIDEO]

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For the second time in the last year, ISIS has urged supporters and sympathizers to orchestrate and carry out a lone wolf attack on Las Vegas. This news comes in the wake of the attack at the Manchester arena that left 22 dead, prominently children, and a reported 59 wounded.

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ISIS has targeted Las Vegas and the strip prior to this video coming out. In June of last year, ISIS released a recruitment video that depicted an attack on Las Vegas, according to ABC7 News.

Unfortunately, an ISIS-inspired attack in Las Vegas by a lone attacker would probably result in massive casualties and injuries as Las Vegas is a popular vacation spot for both families and gamblers year-round.

U.S. intelligence agencies have understandably been monitoring ISIS and their affiliates closely after the attack that shook England to its core. In doing so, they recovered the video in question from an alleged ISIS website.

The video’s message was clear — cause as much chaos and violence as possible. The video shows explosions of prominent buildings on the Las Vegas strip as well as roadside bombings.

The city of Las Vegas has tried to proactively deter would-be violent attackers from making their city another statistic by passing the “more cops tax.” The bill would increase the amount of police presence in and around the strip.

ISIS has long preferred these lone-wolf style attacks as they believe a lone attacker is harder to spot and plan for. The Manchester attacker, 22-year-old Salman Abedi, reportedly worked alone.

The concert, which had over 21,000 in attendance, was an Ariana Grande concert. The pop star’s fan base is primarily girls and teenagers, so the venue was full of families and children.

Since the attack, British Prime Minister Theresa May said the terrorist set out “to cause maximum carnage and kill and injure indiscriminately.” Britain’s terrorist threat level remains at “severe” which indicates they could suspect another follow-up attack.