Florida Woman Uses Toy Gun to Rob Mailman. Escapes on Tricycle

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Some criminals don’t seem all that intent on success. Leida Crisostomo is one of them. The 52-year-old’s crime spree was dubious from the start. She robbed a mail truck with a toy gun. After the mailman complied with her demands and handed over a package, Crisotomo made her getaway on a tricycle.

Crisotomo’s crime spree began Saturday in Naples, Florida, when she pointed her plastic gun at a jogger.

“She then flagged down a U.S. Postal Service vehicle and took a single package from the truck, before attempting to flee the scene on a tricycle,” News Week writes.

She did flee the scene, but didn’t get far. And she wasn’t finished with her reign of terror. New 911 calls reported that a woman on a tricycle was pointing a gun at people.

“When [the police] arrived on the scene, they spotted Crisostomo on a tricycle, with what looked like a black and silver handgun in her right hand,” News Week notes. “Police officers drove up by her side, and ordered her to drop her weapon.”

She did. She even got off of the tricycle and rolled into some grass and waited calmly to be handcuffed.

Jogger Patricia O’Connor told reporters that she had been confronted by Crisostomo, but that the woman had been making inarticulate demands that she couldn’t understand.

Leonardo Cabrera, the mail carrier she robbed, recognized the danger in the situation. While the gun wasn’t real, her demands were. Crisostomo told him to leave the truck. He led her to the back of the vehicle and told her to take anything she wanted. Crisostomo took one package and made her getaway.

During her arrest, Crisostomo told the police that she was God. Shortly after, in a moment of clarity, she added that “voices were telling her to do things.”

The odd tale has a somewhat happy ending. No one was hurt. The package was returned to the mailman who continued his route. The only loose end is the tricycle.

Crisostomo was arrested for armed robbery with a firearm, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and will receive psychiatric screening.