Florida Woman Lures Linemen With ‘Hot Single Female’ Sign [VIDEO]

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Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have tested the ingenuity and resolve of those living along the coasts. Many stories have cropped up of neighbors helping each other, but this is not one of those. This is about self-reliance and the need to survive. Kynse Agles, an organ transplant recipient, needed power to stay alive.

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The 37-year-old real estate agent from Fort Meyers recently had a transplant, a new kidney and a pancreas, just a month before Irma hit.

“My power has been out for 10 days and when you have an organ transplant, you need a clean environment so power is a necessity,” Agles told HuffPost.

Power allows her to control her environment. The heat alone would pose complications. As such, Agles had been staying with friends and sleeping on couches.

A week after the storm, she’d had enough. She took a full-sized sheet of plywood and a can of pink spray paint and made a sign and posted it on social media. “Hot single female seeks sexy lineman to electrify her life.”

“I wasn’t saying I’m sexy. There was no air conditioning and I was burning up,” she said. “But I figured, even if the sign didn’t work, the neighbors would get a laugh.”

The power came back on less than 24 hours later. In addition to the sign, she’d gone on two different radio stations and asked for help. A couple of lineman from Pennsylvania heard the radio broadcast and came to help.

After, they posed with the sign.

So the story has a happy ending after all. And Agles says she’s not getting rid of the sign anytime soon.
“But I may update it for next time,” she said.