Florida Highway Patrol Charger Caught Racing A Lamborghini Aventador. Guess Who Wins. [VIDEO]

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A video of a highway patrol officer in a Dodge Charger racing a Lamborghini Aventador is going viral. The footage was filmed from inside a second Lamborghini Aventador that was following behind. Some of those who have watched the video have found the humor in it. Others, including the highway patrol, are much less pleased.

The incident happened on a highway in Florida. The FHP officer pulls along side the Aventador and the two drivers hit the gas. The Charger does well, at first, but the Aventador outpaces it quickly.

Some are speculating that the video is three years old, but it has just come to light.

The critical comments all seem to dwell on some combination of dereliction of duty and the obvious safety concerns.

“I don’t care how cool the Mad Max movies are,” Jalopnik writes, “it’s not cool for police to go racing cars on the open road like this in real life. Especially considering how many tickets the Highway Patrol likes to write, and especially when they should know they’re definitely going to lose, like racing a V12 Aventador in a Dodge.”

“Troopers are expected to act professionally and inspire confidence and trust in those they serve,” the FHP writes. “The Florida Highway Patrol has opened an immediate investigation regarding the incident. The trooper in question will be held accountable upon any finding of misconduct.”

But others see a different side.

“I think the guy that filmed this is a snitch and I hope every car he ever owns suffers from constant electrical gremlins as karmic payback,” one reader commented. “It’s a short drag on a wide-open interstate. They’re not running stop/starts through a subdivision, for Christ’s sake.”