Florida Gambler Loses $100,000 Jackpot After “Friend” Pulls The Lever [VIDEO]

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This is why you don’t let someone else push the slot machine button. Two friends are now at odds with one another after one of them claimed they paid for a slot machine that won $100,000 jackpot but the casino gave it to his friend after his friend pushed the button.


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Jan Flato was furious to find out that his friend, Marina Navarro, was awarded the jackpot at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, all because she was the one that pushed the button.

He told the Miami Herald that he had her do it for him for “good luck” and never knew it would have turned into this mess.


The casino staff said they had to award her the money even if he did pay it because whoever pushed the button is the rightful winner.”Upstairs, the eye in the sky says she technically touched the button, so we have to pay her,” Flato said.


He was upset with the news, but he exploded after she walked out with the money. “I said, “Marina, what are you doing?” and she gets up and walks out,” Flato said, according to WSVN.


Navarro, who is a married mortgage broker in Florida, originally planned to share the jackpot $50,000 each but that was before he began to yell and make a scene. He soon began texting her and threatening her, according to Navarro.


“Jan, all of the sudden, went ballistic. He started screaming in front of everybody,” she said. The issue became more volatile when she received an aggressive text from Flato that read “Having me as an enemy… Not good.”


Navarro claims that her once friend is now trying to ruin her life encouraging people to flood her Facebook page with negative comments. One commenter called the 35-year-old a “gold digging piece of s***.”

Others have come to Navarro defense citing that Flato was playing the big man letting her pull the lever simply to “to get into her pants.”


Flato claims he isn’t trying to ruin her life, according to the Daily Mail; he simply wants “everybody to know what happened so it won’t happen to them.”