Flat Earther to Launch Himself Even Higher to ‘Prove the Earth is Flat’ [VIDEO]

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The theory that the Earth is actually flat is one that has been disproven time and time again. Yet, for whatever reason, there are still a large number of people claiming it’s a “government cover-up,” without any evidence to support their argument. One man in particular plans to prove this by launching himself 5,000 feet in the air with a homemade rocket.

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“Mad” Mike Hughes, who was a former daredevil and amateur rocket builder, has been proclaiming the Earth is flat for quite some time now. In March of 2018, Hughes made news when he announced he would be launching himself 1,875 feet in a homemade rocket.

His goal was simple: To prove the earth is flat. After a few failed attempts, Hughes surprised everyone by actually launching himself and his rocket to the pre-designated height and safely coming back down to the surface via parachute.

The 63-year-old suffered from minor soreness following the successful attempt. On August 11, Hughes plans to take it one step further by trying to reach the height of 5,000 feet. The potential feat will be aired on Science Channel for the upcoming new series “Homemade Astronauts,” reported.

When asked how he can afford constantly shooting himself off in rockets, he stated he uses water, not gas, as fuel.

If successful in this attempt, Hughes plans to make a rocket that could reach the Karman line, which is the beginning of space, Forbes reported. To do this, Hughes is eliciting the help of fellow rocketeer Waldo Stakes. The two plan to create a fundraiser with the end goal of raising $2.8 million so they can build a better rocket, according to

Marc Etkind, who works for the Science Channel, issued a statement about the show. “As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, ‘Homemade Astronauts’ looks at a group of ambitious individuals who are carrying on in the American tradition of finding their own way and making their dreams come true with old-fashioned grit and self-determination.”

Sunday’s launch will be possible, in part, from money he raised from hud, a casual dating site.