Five States Refuse Trump’s Transgender Ban, Will Allow Service to Continue in National Guard.

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The Trump administration’s ban on transgenders in the military has been controversial. Americans are split on the issue with many citing that transgenders have a right to serve their country, while others want a more traditional representation of the military. A handful of states have now announced that they will continue to allow transgender service members to serve in the states’ National Guards.

Nevada, Oregon, Washington, California and New Mexico are the five states that will allow transgender service members to continue to serve, The Hill reported. The forgoing of the ban is possible because states are primarily in charge of their own National Guard, which means the governor of the state has the power in this situation.

This movement to override the President’s veto began with Maj. Gen. Matthew Beavers of the California National Guard. Beavers told that it is “unconscionable in my mind that we would fundamentally discriminate against a certain class of people based on their gender identity.” Beavers added that “every transgendered soldier or airmen currently serving in the California National Guard will remain in our ranks.”

Nevada’s Gov. Steve Sisolak soon followed suit. A spokesperson told The Daily Beast the governor “believes the only criteria to serve in the Nevada National Guard is one’s readiness to serve.”

In the same article, Oregon’s Gov. Kate Brown echoed similar sentiments. “I will use every option available to ensure that every eligible Oregonian, regardless of gender identity, can serve their state and country.”

Trump originally stated on Twitter in April 2017 that he was toying with the idea of creating the transgender ban. Despite opposition at that time, the ban was instituted.

Jim Mattis, who was Defense Secretary in Trump’s administration until last year, openly challenged the president’s position on the matter by stating he was supportive of transgenders in the military.

Several states have already filed lawsuits against the administration as they claim the ban is unconstitutional. But one thing is clear: Trump’s ban on transgenders in the military is going to bleed into his attempt at a 2020 re-election.