Five Police Officers Shot in Houston Attack

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Five police officers serving a narcotics warrant were shot Monday. The incident happened in Houston, Texas. All of the officers were air lifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital. Reports from the scene say that two suspects in the shooting are dead. A third man is believed to have barricaded himself inside a house.

This is a developing story as the crime scene has yet to be secured. Neighbors are being evacuated to safe distances and media is being kept safely back. The early images coming in from the scene are from a local news helicopter.

The incident which began late on Monday afternoon quickly escalated. Now, Harris County Sheriff’s deputies and ATF agents have responded to the scene.

“This evening’s horrific attack on police officers is a solemn reminder of the service and sacrifice our brave men and women in law enforcement make every day to keep us safe,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott said. “The city of Houston and the Houston Police Department will have whatever state resources they need to bring swift justice to those involved. I ask all Texans to join Cecilia and me in praying for the officers injured, and for the continued safety of all law enforcement officers who protect our communities.”

Social media users are putting up videos from beyond the perimeter.

“We have several officers that have been struck by gunfire, the situation at the shooting scene is still fluid. Please pray for our officers and their families. More to follow.”

“At this time we can confirm 5 officers have been struck and transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital, Medical Center and Ben Taub General Hospital. Further updates will be provided as available.”

“We currently have 5 officers shot, all on their way to the hospital. One is being life flighted. On the way to the hospital, will update when I can.

Please keep all the officers in your prayers!”

This story is still developing. We’ll bring updates as they are available.