Five Hour Standoff Ends When 83-Year-Old Homeowner Climbs Up & Throws Suspect From Roof [VIDEO]

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A man, who was being pursued by police officers, took refuge on Wilford Burgess’s roof, creating a standoff. Crisis negotiators arrived on the scene, trying to coax the man to come down. After several hours where authorities were unable to convince the man to leave the roof, Burgess decided to take action, with the entire incident caught on film.

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As reported by the Daily Mail, Burgess, an 83-year-old grandfather, became frustrated after the man refused to come down from the roof of his home in La Puente, California. Instead of leaving the matter in the hands of law enforcement, a neighbor grabbed a ladder allowing Burgess to climb onto the roof and confront the man.

During the altercation, which was captured on cell phone video by Burgess’s granddaughter, Ashley Wrenn, Burgess managed to grab the intruder and, subsequently, tossed him off of the roof.

The incident began at 6:34 am local time when law enforcement officials received a call some someone who said they were being followed.

Once deputies arrived at the scene, a man was spotted jumping from one roof to the next, coming to a stop on top of Burgess’s home.

Wrenn said she was woken up at about 7:00 am local time when deputies began shouting: “We know where you are. We can see you.”

Both crisis negotiators and Wrenn attempted to talk the man down from the roof. Wrenn said, “I told him we don’t want him hurt, just want him off the roof.”

The standoff continued for five hours before Burgess made his move.

Wrenn stated, “My grandfather was so upset. [He] told him, ‘You need to get down and off my roof.’”

Once Burgess made it onto the roof, he managed to corner the man and throw him off. Wrenn said that when the man landed, he damaged a car belonging to Wrenn’s mother.

During an interview, Burgess said, “He’d been up there too long,” continuing, “I figured… if they can’t get him off, I can.”

After being thrown from the roof, the man was taken into custody by sheriff’s deputies and transported to a nearby hospital for a psychological evaluation. The reason why the man was on the roof is still not clear.

Wrenn asserted she wasn’t surprised by her grandfather’s actions.

“He’s like the strongest person in our family. I mean, he keeps us all together,” said Wrenn. “It wasn’t a surprise to us. That’s papa.”