Five Dead, Multiple Wounded as Gunman Opens Fire at Elementary School

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Authorities have stated that at least five people are dead and multiple people, including “a number” of children, were injured after a gunman opened fire on residents and an elementary school. Among the dead is the suspected shooter, who was reportedly shot by local law enforcement. “Multiple scenes” are being investigated in conjunction with the shooting.

As reported by the LA Times, the incident took place in Rancho Tehama, California. Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston confirmed there were multiple deaths, including the shooter, and that multiple elementary school students were medically evacuated from the scene.

“I know that we have [airlifted] a number of students,” said Johnston. “I know that we have children that were attending school in a safe location at this time.”

Officials have stated that seven separate scenes are connected to the shooting and that, according to KRCR ABC 7, at least five people were killed during the incident.

According to Johnston, the shooter was randomly picking targets and had previously been reported for a domestic violence incident.

At least one student was shot at the school as well as a woman and child in a truck.

The shooter was engaged by area law enforcement and reportedly killed by two officers who subsequently secured the scene.

Coy Ferreira, whose daughter attended kindergarten at the Rancho Tehama school, said the shooter opened fire at the elementary school and, when bullets came through the classroom windows, at least one student, a young boy, was shot in the foot and chest. Ferreira also stated that a child in an adjacent classroom was shot in the arm.

A man whose roommate was reportedly shot and killed by the alleged shooter, who he described as a known felon named Kevin, claimed the shooter, who is said to be in his 50s, stole his truck and that the many was “crazy” and had “been threatening us,” and that they had made the issues known.

When asked how he was feeling, since he knew the suspect was a “problem,” the man replied, “I just feel like, maybe, that there should have been more effort put into potentially stopping things like this.”