Fish Store Caught Sticking Googly Eyes On Fish To Make Them Look Fresh

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Fish have a short shelf-life. If they aren’t properly canned or flash-frozen, they have a tendency to stink. Any ichthyologist can provide a long list of signs to look for when searching for a fresh piece of fish. They should have a mild scent. The flesh should appear moist. The gills should be pink or red, and the eyes should be bright and slightly bulging.

The eyes should not be made of plastic and cheap adhesive. They should not wiggle around.

The Al Bayan newspaper tweeted an image Saturday of some really fresh fish. Or so the owner of the shop wanted his customers to think.

The post went viral. Many people decided the concept was well worth exploring.

That had to have been one hell of a fight. The cat, though, would likely appreciate the fish, with or without the new eyes.

“my strongest-held belief is that extremely creative crimes that don’t involve maiming another person should be allowed”

The opportunity for puns seem obvious enough.

“Well this certainly looks fishy. I hope they go to court and are found gill-ty.”

“The scales of justice shall decide.”

The scales of justice in Kuwait, though, don’t work like ours do. No telling what has become of the evidence they seized when they shut down the fish monger.