BREAKING: Ft. Lauderdale Shooter Identified. Here’s What We Know About Him

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Almost as soon as the shooting began at the Fort Lauderdale airport this morning, it was declared over. Flights were resumed, and passengers were allowed back inside in an effort to resume business as usual. Nearly two hours later, the airport was again place don lock-down as the possibility of a second shooter was being investigated.


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The images coming out of the airport paint a picture of mass confusion. Multiple law enforcement agencies are clearing the buildings and grounds. The wounded are in triage and taken to local hospitals even as the situation remains active and dangerous.


Those on the ground are trapped by their circumstances. Many are in the airport on layovers. Others who might have arrived at the airport on inbound flights, or preparing for departures, are being prevented from leaving as the investigation unfolds.


Santiago was on a flight from Canada and he may have started his trip in Alaska.

The first shooter has been identified as Estiban Santiago. Senator Bill Nelson of Florida released a statement to MSNBC that Santiago had military ID. Law enforcement is not yet sure if the military ID is authentic. He reportedly entered the baggage claim area with a handgun. That’s where the shooting began.

Authorities are reporting 5 dead and multiple others wounded.

Early reports that the gunman was a self-described ALT-Right member named Sam Hyde seem unfounded. The motive for naming Hyde is unknown.


We will continue to follow this story and bring you developments as they become available.