Firefighter Saves Woman Who was Without a Pulse for 30 Minutes After Suffering Cardiac Arrest Mid-Flight

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An off-duty firefighter is being touted as a hero after he spent 30 minutes giving CPR to a woman who went into cardiac arrest mid-flight. The woman had no pulse for over half an hour. But thanks to the commitment of the firefighter, the woman was revived and suffered from no serious brain injuries.

Firefighter Trevor Jaha was on a flight headed towards Los Angeles on September 14 when flight attendants asked if there was a doctor on board. When no one raised their hand, Jaha spoke up and informed the staff that he was a firefighter for Savannah Fire Rescue.

Without wasting a second, Jaha sprung into action by performing CPR on the woman identified only as “Chelsea.” The woman had suffered a cardiac arrest mid-flight and was without a pulse for over 30 minutes, WTVM reported.

While Jaha was doing his best to save the woman’s life, the plane diverted to the nearest airport so she could receive immediate medical assistance.

When CPR didn’t seem to be working, Jaha opted to use an Automated External Defibrillator. Jaha used the device four times, but the woman still had no pulse.

Not deterred, Jaha shocked her one last time just as the plane was landing. This time he was able to get a faint pulse. The plane taxied to the first available gate, and Chelsea was rushed to a nearby hospital, Business Insider reported.

Chelsea’s brother Josh announced that his sister is doing fine and is recovering. Doctors say she suffered no brain damage, despite not having a pulse for 30 minutes. Chelsea has been able to talk and walk on her own, which is something only 10 percent of people can do if they suffer from cardiac arrest outside of a hospital, according to the American Heart Association.

Josh wants Jaha to be recognized for who he is — a hero. “She is my sister, and he saved her,” he said. “I can’t thank him enough and I just wanted to make people aware, he’s a hero.”