Firefighter Dresses as Buddy the Elf to Randomly Start Pillow Fights to Spread Holiday Cheer [VIDEO]

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Assaulting people on the streets of a busy metropolitan city may seem risky to some, but when you’re dressed like Buddy the Elf, you may get away with it. That’s how Brendan Sullivan is doing it, and his pillow fights are meant to spread holiday cheer. If the videos are any indication, his efforts are paying off and bringing a lot of people joy.

“A video shared to Facebook on Tuesday shows firefighter Brendan Sullivan dressed as Buddy the Elf, from the popular Christmas flick Elf initiating a series of pillow fights with various shoppers at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston,” Time writes.

“I love Will Ferrell anything,” Sullivan told reporters. “For Will Ferrell to come out with Buddy the Elf, it’s just like an iconic character now for Christmas.”

“We just wanted to spread holiday cheer, make people laugh, smile,” he said. “That’s what we’re out there for.”

It starts simply enough. Sullivan finds a target on the sidewalk, and yells “pillow fight!”He then tosses the person a pillow. The rest is viral video magic.

“How do you win?” One girl asks.

“You don’t, I do,” Sullivan responds.

“Some people were more reserved, cautious of the costumed stranger attempting to engage them in combat,” Time adds. “Others took to the challenge quickly, and were decidedly more lethal. The boy at the 1:15 mark went in for an immediate assault of shots to Sullivan’s head, knocking his hat off in the process. Later a young man in a Patriots jersey scampered around, taunting Sullivan whilst swinging the sack of polyfill.”

The fights are amusing, for sure. The unsuspecting holiday shoppers are obviously enjoying it.

After the success of the first video, he made another. Sullivan added a twist to this one, attaching a “donate” option. All of the proceeds for the second video went to the Make-A-Wish foundation.