Fire Department Shows the Side Effects of Parking by a Fire Hydrant & Asks ‘Is it worth it?’

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On Tuesday, fire department officials released a dramatic reminder showcasing why parking in front of a fire hydrant is a bad idea. When a fire department arrived at the scene of a residential blaze and discovered a car parked too close to a fire hydrant, they didn’t have much of a choice when it came to how to proceed.

The incident took place in California. When Anaheim Fire & Rescue Department personnel arrived at the scene of a residential fire, they discovered a sedan parked in a no-parking zone near a fire hydrant, blocking their access to the critical piece of infrastructure.

In order to fight the fire, they needed to be able to connect their hose to that hydrant, so the department did what was necessary to make that happen. Two of the car’s windows where smashed by firefighters, giving them the ability to connect the hose and battle the blaze.

The department, according to a report by Fox News, later tweeted out a warning to other residents. In the message, they included images of a car with smashed windows and a fire hose running through the back seat.

A couple of the pictures show that the vehicle was parked next to a section of curb that was clearly painted red.

“Ever wonder what happens when a car is parked in front of a fire hydrant and a fire breaks out?” said the tweet from Anaheim Fire & Rescue. “Is a closer parking spot worth the broken windows and the citation and towing fees to @AnaheimPD?”

“@City_of_Anaheim residents please do not park in fire lanes,” the tweet read.

When asked why the fire department couldn’t run the hose under or below the car, they responded, “it doesn’t work,” continuing, “The hose needs a straight line out of the hydrant.”

“We do not damage property unless it is needed,” the department added.