Festival Shooter Who Used Semi-Auto Rifle Identified as 19 Year Old Who Was “Really Angry” [VIDEO]

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Law enforcement has identified the Gilroy Garlic festival shooter as a 19-year-old who is responsible for the deaths of three people, including a six-year-old boy, as he fired bullets indiscriminately into the crowd. Fifteen others were taken to nearby hospitals. This marks the 246th mass shooting this year in the United States.

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On Sunday evening around 6 pm, 19-year-old Santino William Legan reportedly used bolt cutters to enter from a side entrance of the California festival in order to avoid the metal detectors. Some witnesses allegedly asked the shooter why he wanted to kill them, and he responded by saying he was “really angry.”

Cheryl Low said the 19-year-old was stoic as he shot into the crowd. “He didn’t say anything, nothing. He did not even look from side to side. He just kept looking forward,” she told ABC News.


One witness told the media he moved efficiently like a “police officer” might do. “He was walking like a police officer. Like he wanted to get stuff done,” a festival worker recalled.

“He shot one child and then he put the clip in and he just started moving back and forth walking toward the tents because that’s where most of the people were in that area and he started shooting,” Low added.

Within minutes of the shooting, officers surrounded the suspect and shot and killed him. According to witnesses, the shooter was wearing military fatigues and was armed with a semi-auto weapon. He also was wearing a scarf around his neck.

The man, who was a white male, did not draw attention to himself until he started firing, one witness told the Daily Mail. Countless videos have been posted on social media outlets. One, in particular, shows the moment the shooting starts.

One woman can be heard yelling: “What’s going on? Who’d shoot up a garlic festival?” Among the three victims was a six-year-old Stephen Romero, who was attending the festival with his mother when he was shot and killed.

“I couldn’t believe what was happening, that what she was saying was a lie, that maybe I was dreaming,” Alberto, the child’s father, said after hearing the news of his son’s death. “He was joyful, always wanted to play, always positive,” he added.

Initial reports speculated that the shooter had an accomplice, but that has yet to be substantiated. Law enforcement raided the shooter’s home Sunday night to collect evidence and to attempt to determine why he killed three innocent people and injured 15 more.