Female Cop Touted as Hero After Pulling Injured Officers to Safety During Jersey Shootout

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On December 10, a supermarket in Jersey City turned into a war zone after two suspects began firing indiscriminately. Three people and one officer were killed during the gunfire exchange. The two suspects were killed at the scene as well. Additionally, Sgt. Marjorie Jordan is being recognized as a hero for saving additional lives as she helped get the injured to safety.

Photos showed Sgt. Marjorie Jordan leaving her post and pulling several injured officers away from JC Kosher Supermarket on Tuesday so they could receive medical attention. The shooters, Francine Graham, 50, and David Anderson, 47, were apparently anti-semantics that were hell-bent on killing members of the Jewish community.

Jordan, who was promoted to Sergeant in 2014, helped fight the suspects for over two hours. Eventually, police officers began getting hit by the excess amount of bullets being fired.

Instead of running in fear or being concerned about herself, Jordan selflessly risked her life to carry the injured away from the gunfire.

One officer was shot in the arm. As he winced in pain on the ground, Jordan grabbed him and pulled him to safety. The photos were shared on social media with many users praising Jordan’s quick thinking.

Officers flocked to the scene of gunshots after the two suspects killed a customer at the store, the owner and an employee. The officers’ quick response forced the shooters to hold up in the store. If not, the shooters could have continued down the road killing people, the Daily Mail reported.

Detective Joseph Seals was shot and killed by Graham and Anderson as he was investigating another murder the two were suspected of committing. Seals was apparently closing in on them, and this caused them to murder the officer, police reported.

The two shooters were a part of the Black Hebrew Israelites, which typically takes issue with Christians and Jews. Initially, the police were unsure if the killings were anti-semitic, but the mayor didn’t mince words. He said this absolutely was an anti-semitic attack.