Feds Investigate Rap Video Made by Pharma Company to Push Fentanyl [VIDEO]

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A drug company produced a rap video designed to motivate sales rep to push fentanyl, a highly addictive drug that made headlines as part of the opioid crisis. People rapped while dancing around a person who was wearing a suit that looked like a fentanyl spray bottle. It was shown to jurors as evidence as part of a federal investigation.

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The video, according to a report by Rare, was shown to jurors during a trial in Boston. Insys Therapeutics Inc. founder John Kapoor, along with four other onetime executives, was charged with providing doctors bribes and kickbacks for pushing the drug – an opioid intended for cancer patients battling with severe pain.

One of those being charged is a former exotic dancer. According to prosecutors, she was hired as a regional sales manager despite the fact that she had no experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Kapoor and the others have denied any wrongdoing.

The rap video, which is titled “Great by Choice,” was shown to company employees during a 2015 national sales meeting. It was designed to encourage the sales reps to discuss prescribing higher doses of fentanyl with doctors, said prosecutors.

In the video, sales reps wearing suits rap to the tune of one of A$AP Rocky’s songs, using lyrics to promote titration, the process of increasing dosage strengths until it reaches an adequate level.

“I love titration, yeah, that’s not a problem. I got new patients, and I got a lot of ’em,” the sales reps say. “Build relationships that are healthy. Got more docs than Janelle’s got selfies.”

At one point in the video, the person wearing the fentanyl spray bottle costume takes off the outfit to reveal Alec Burlakoff, who was the vice president of sales at the time.

Burlakoff pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy in November and is expected to testify against Kapoor.

“What we built here can’t be debated. Shout to Kapoor for what he created,” the employees rap. “The competition just making noise. We’re making history because we’re great by choice.”

The video is the latest startling piece of evidence shown during the trial.

Last month, a former Insys employee addressed jurors, saying she saw her boss, Sunrise Lee, a regional sales manager, give a doctor a lap dance at a Chicago nightclub to try to entice him to push more prescriptions.

Lee’s lawyers claim the doctor was taking advantage of their client.