Federal Security Guard Throws Elderly Man Out on his Head [VIDEO]

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The proliferation of cell-phone video may once again enable a prosecutor to make a convincing case. The video below shows a security guard at a Social Security Administration office trying to convince a man to leave the lobby. When he doesn’t leave peacefully, the guard muscles him up and throws him out.

The un-named security guard is likely looking for a new job today. The video has gone viral. It begins with him verbally commanding that the man leave.

The older man, seated, clearly has a walker with him. Yet the guard pulls him to his feet and pushes him toward the door. Their verbal altercation continues as the guard pushes him out.

Once outside, the other man turns around. The security guard then pushes him one more time.

The thud of the man’s head hitting the concrete is audible on the recording, as is the reaction of those who saw the incident.

One woman argues that the security guard was “doing his job,” but none of the bystanders are buying that argument.

The guard, seeing what he’s done, begins trying to explain away the incident. He claims the old man fell. “He fell,” he whines. “I didn’t touch him.”

The video and the reaction of the witnesses suggest otherwise.

“According to Phoenix police,” Fox 10 writes, “officers were called out to the location, but no arrests have been made at this time. Meanwhile, Phoenix Fire officials said a 911 call came in at around 2:00 p.m., and that the man refused to leave and acted ‘altered.’ The man, fire officials said, was later taken to the hospital.”