‘F##ck Black Lives Matter’: Lyft Rider Threatens Driver & Calls 911. Then the Video Came Out. [VIDEO]

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If you embark on a drunken and oddly racist tirade in public, there’s a high likelihood that someone will record it on their cellphone. In some cases, as the one below, those that have learned this lesson the hard way have to no only answer for their idiotic actions, but face the consequences of their meltdowns going public.

This meltdown happened in a Lyft. The passenger went on an epic tirade after he asked to have music played, and the driver said no.

Robert Ortiz, one of the passengers, then verbally attacked Shawn Pepas Lettman, the driver. Lettman recorded the incident on his phone.

“The 16-minute clip documents the moments after Lettman complained to Lyft about the group of three men who sat in the back of his car in New York and refused to leave his vehicle until law enforcement arrived,” The Daily Mail writes.

Ortiz even called police and claimed he was afraid for his life, though the video doesn’t really support that. At all.

“I feel racially profiled … because I’m not black,” Ortiz says. “If this guy does anything to threaten my life, I have to defend myself. … I’m a little fearful.”

When he realizes that he’s on camera, Ortiz protests about being recorded.

“There’s a sign right there on the door that says you will be recorded,” Lettman said.

Through the entire incident, Lettman stayed placid and calm. Ortiz, though, was not. He bragged that he’d voted for Trump and that he was a proud American, and even noted that he worked for CityMD medical center.

“I know my rights as an American citizen, a legal citizen that voted for Trump,” he said.

When the 911 operator wasn’t helpful, Ortiz was displeased. “You piece of s**t, f**k you,” he told the operator.

“Tell me why I’m in a Lyft and the n****r pulled over. The n****r’s recording me,” Ortiz said to another passenger.

“We’re waiting for the police because this f*****t charged me.”

“All that Black Lives Matter is bulls***. I bet you if I was black — and Black Lives Matter he would have put the music on. F*** Black Lives Matter — every life matters … all I asked for was music.”

After, Lettman posted the video to Youtube. He “wanted to defuse the narrative that all black men are aggressive and violent.”

The video has shown just that. Lettman was calm throughout. And Ortiz has had to answer for his actions.

“Ortiz worked for CityMD,” DM adds, “the urgent care company whose CEO Richard Park M.D. comes from a family of working class immigrants. The business aims to make healthcare affordable and inclusive.”

“So it’s no surprise CityMD let Ortiz go after he bragged about working for them and his friend encouraged him to contact them for back-up in the viral clip.”

“This is to confirm that this individual was terminated and is no longer employed by or affiliated with CityMD in any capacity,” the company statement read.

And Lettman is being praised. After Ortiz threatened to sue him, Lettman set up a GoFundMe page for his legal defenses. He has blown past his $20,000 goal.

“I am left to dig myself out of an awfully stressful predicament,” he wrote. “I didn’t ask for this nor did I want this. I know America is better than this and despite the hate we have to deal with from a few, my heart tells me, the world is mostly good. I ask for help, So I can get myself off the ground and back to providing for my family again.”

“The behavior exhibited in the video is deeply concerning,” Lyft wrote in a statement. “Lyft is committed to maintaining an inclusive and welcoming community and discriminatory behavior is unacceptable.”

“We temporarily deactivated both passenger and driver accounts while we investigated the situation. After reviewing all sides, we reactivated Mr. Lettman’s account within hours and permanently disabled the passenger account. We have also reached out to Mr. Lettman to express our support.”