Father Who Tortured 7 Year Old Son For a Year, Then Fed Him to Pigs, Learns His Fate at Hands of Jury [VIDEO]

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If there was ever an instance of the system failing a child, this would be the perfect example. In 2015, Michael A. Jones was charged with the murder of his 7-year-old son Adrian, who was living in absolute hell as he was tortured and beaten by his father and stepmother. On Friday both learned their fate inside a Kansas City courtroom.


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Micheal Jones was found guilty on Friday of one count of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole. Court documents showed the world how vile Micheal and his wife Heather really were.


Adrian was forced to stay inside a small confined shower that has plywood nailed to the wall to make sure he couldn’t get out. Young Adrian was starved and shackled inside his makeshift room by his 46-year-old father for months.


Adrian was forced to stand in neck-high water in the family’s pool in the winter that left him in shock for hours and in severe pain. Shortly before Adrian would pass away from his hell on earth ordeal, Micheal and Heather were searching various websites to buy a straight jacket for Adrian.


The lack of humanity was also carried out by Heather, who refused to call Adrian by his name, she commonly referred to him as “the boy” and would take pictures of his pain and suffering for her own amusement.


She received the same sentence as her husband. Both Heather and Michael pled guilty when they were arrested in March of 2015 to avoid stricter sentencing.

Eventually, Adrian succumbed to his wounds and starvation and passed away. Even when his life left his body, he still wouldn’t find peace. Court records obtained by the Daily Mail disclosed that Micheal fed his deceased son to the pigs in order to dispose of the body.


Law enforcement found the young boy’s remains in the backyard on Thanksgiving two years ago after responding to a domestic dispute at the home. Officers found a small sack of bones in the backyard which DNA confirmed was Adrian.


Adrian’s grandmother, Judy Conway, says she doesn’t understand how no one realized this was happening to the child. She questioned why teachers, other parents, or even child services didn’t step in and help the helpless boy. Ultimately, Conway was “relieved” that Micheal and Heather would never have the opportunity to harm another child.

“What they did to my grandson was beyond horrific,” Conway said. “He was a  gorgeous little boy who had the kindest heart and now he’s gone.”

Somehow prison seems too good for the likes of these two. We can only hope that other prisoners learn of their crime and make prison the living hell they deserve.

h/t Daily Mail