Father Teaches Daughter a Dress Code Lesson by Donning a Pair of ‘Short Shorts’ [VIDEO]

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After Jason Hilley’s 14-year-old daughter Kendall wore a pair of shorts that he felt were too revealing, he decided to use humor to prove his point. Hilley put on a pair of “short shorts” and jokingly threatened to pick her up from school while wearing them until she chose to stop wearing hers.

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The reveal of the short shorts to his daughter was caught on camera, and Hilley uploaded the clip in a Facebook post that quickly went viral.

Discussing his decision to use that approach to prove his point, the Orlando, Florida, father stated, according to a report by WFLA, “I feel humor brings more to discipline than yelling or screaming and all that.”

“I will pick you up for school every day with these on,” said Hilley. Then, he asked her to model a pair with him.

“If she has a pair of short shorts, then if I need to get my point across, then I’m going to wear a pair of short shorts, kind of a little tit-for-tat on the clothing,” he stated.

The goal was to show that neither of them appreciates the other wearing short shorts, and Hilley’s approach was ultimately effective.

“I understand it, I mean, I think the short shorts were a surprise,” said Kendall. “I didn’t really think he’d do that. I think he got his point across, and I understand it very well now.”

Hilley was startled that the video became so popular, stating, “Somebody in Germany wanting to put it up, Kenya, Australia.”

“Oh my gosh. This video’s had 30 million views, you’re famous now,” said Kendall.

Some commenters were concerned that Hilley may be shaming his daughter with his approach to the situation.

“She’ll be the first to tell you that I do not shame my kids,” said Hilley, responding to the critics. “We just have a lot of fun together and we laugh with one another.”

“I thought it was so ridiculous because he was just having fun with it,” said Kendall. “Just hating on it for no reason, when there’s nothing to hate on.”

Kendall confirmed that her short shorts are no longer a part of her wardrobe, and Hilley has retired his pair as well.