Orlando Victim ‘would have traded everything to have a loaded gun inside Pulse’

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Many gun-grabbers would have the world believe that it is impossible to use a gun for self defense. Those who own guns and take an active interest in their own self-defense, see the issue differently.


Now the father of one of the victims from last week’s shooting in Orlando is speaking out about how his son felt.

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Few would argue that the best strategy in a mass shooting situation is to run and/or hide, but that doesn’t deal with the problem at hand. And what happens when you end up trapped, with nowhere left to run? What then?

Mark Bando, the father of Orlando victim Christopher Andrew Leinonen spoke with Sean Hannity recently and made an emotional plea for armed self defense. A loaded gun could, he argued, would have given his son a fighting chance against Omar Mateen.


“There is a simpler solution, as Donald Trump has said many times, if you have somebody shooting back the game’s over,” Mark Bando said. “When the shooting started there wasn’t one person in there that wouldn’t have traded everything he owned in the world to have a loaded gun. But these people don’t realize it until they’re in a situation that’s far too late.”

And Bando knows. He’s a retired Detroit Police officer.


“His mom talked to him on the phone that evening before he went to the club, so she knew he was going,” Bando said. “When she woke up Sunday morning and heard there’d been a massacre there, she went over there–she hadn’t heard from him so she feared the worst–and just today they finally told us that he was one of the victims that was killed at the scene. He never even made it to the hospital.”

Bando believes if his son had been armed, things could have ended differently.

Drawing from holster

“He lived down there and I lived up here and I never got a chance to teach him how to handle firearms. I think if we’d have lived in closer proximity, he would have become proficient.” Bando said. “He probably would’ve gotten a [Concealed Carry Permit] and carried a gun and that could’ve made a difference [that] night.”

There’s no guarantee of that. There have been numerous times when good-guys-with-guns didn’t end mass shootings. Yet they had a chance that most unarmed civilians never had.