Father Killed 13 Year Old Son After Boy Finds Photos of Father Eating Feces From Diaper [VIDEO]

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In November 2012, Dylan Redwine went missing after the court ordered him to visit his estranged father Mark. During that visit, Dylan allegedly found some “compromising” photos of his father in a diaper eating his own feces. Investigators believe that Dylan confronted his father with the pictures and that confrontation resulted in Dylan’s death.

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After a four-and-a-half-year investigation, Colorado law enforcement arrested Mark Redwine and charged him with second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death. He is being held on $1 million bond. The arrest comes after law enforcement found Dylan’s blood throughout Mark’s house and in the bed of his pickup truck.

Dylan’s scattered remains were found in the nearby forest and mountain area located near Mark’s property seven months after he went missing, according to ABC7. In November 2015, hikers found a skull that has since been identified as Dylan’s.

The skull has injuries that are consistent with blunt force trauma, along with what looks to be two knife wounds in the back of the skull, per reports from The Sun.

Investigators and the immediate family think that the photos Dylan discovered played a pivotal role in Dylan’s death. Cory Redwine, Dylan’s older brother, told The Daily Mail he has seen the photos. “I have seen the photos. It shows him wearing women’s clothes and makeup and a diaper and then eating his feces from the diaper. It was disgusting. We couldn’t believe it,” he recalled.

Mark, who has adamantly claimed that he had no part in the death of his son, appeared on Dr. Phil in 2013 where he and his ex-wife, Hall, blamed each other for the death of their son. Hall told law enforcement after Dylan went missing that Mark said he would “kill the kids before he let her have them.”

Police released bodycam footage of Mark’s arrest Wednesday night. In the video, officers approach Mark’s big rig with guns drawn and force him out of the truck and onto the ground where they inform him of the charges against him.

According to Hall, Dylan and Mark had a deteriorating relationship, and if not for the court order, Dylan would have never gone to visit his father.

In a 2015 podcast, Mark’s ex-wife Elaine Hall said that she had a strong inclination that her ex-husband had killed their son. “He may have said something that just didn’t set well with Mark and Mark reacted in a very violent way…obviously. Dylan is no longer here.”