Father Captures Video of Repairman Sniffing His Daughters’ Underwear

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In 2018, at least in the developed world, cameras are recording. Many parents have put cameras in their children’s’ rooms to monitor them when they sleep. The following episode is was recorded on one of those cameras. The footage that was captured is deeply disturbing and difficult to explain.

Jason Cooper, of Playa Vista, California installed a Nest camera attached to his daughter’s crib. The room is shared by his two other daughters, aged three and five.

Cooper had hired a repairman to work on the floors in the room, and looked back at the footage the camera had recorded. What he saw was the repairman sniffing the underwear of his daughters.

“I would have never imaged that somebody would do this,” Cooper told reporters.

“My wife thought he might have been a little bit creepy, but I didn’t catch any red flags,” he said.

“In the video the unnamed repairman is seen going back and froth between his work area to the opposite side of the room where the hamper was,” The Daily Mail notes.

“I saw him put his hands in their hamper, pick up some of their clothes and at one point, I saw him on the video putting something in his pocket. It looked like it was my daughter’s underwear,”  Cooper added.

Cooper called the repairman and confronted him, and has also filed a report with the LAPD. The police are currently investigating the incident. When Cooper confronted the man, albeit on the phone, the man–Cooper says–attempted to apologize. He was reportedly very surprised to know that he had been caught.

“This gentleman violated a five-year-old and three-year-old’s privacy, my family’s privacy. Obviously my wife and I are really distraught over this and we want other people to know,” he said.

“From now on, I can tell you that my wife and I will never let anybody else in this house without us standing by their side until they leave,” Cooper said.