Fans Complain Game of Thrones Episode ‘The Long Night’ was Too Dark to See Anything

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It was the biggest moment in Game of Thrones’ history. For the past seven seasons, the white walkers have been heading toward Winterfell for a showdown. So when Sunday night rolled around, it’s no wonder that fans had their eyes glued to their TVs. But a large number of fans were displeased by how dark the cinematography¬†was for the episode.

Without getting too much into spoiler territory, the episode starts off with the men from all over the realm getting ready for the Night King’s imminent attack on Winterfell. The episode was dark for mostly the whole duration of the show, which left fans angry and letdown. Many posted their frustrations on social media.

Some opted to make light of the situation (no pun intended) asking how to switch the show from night mode.

For those who were concerned about spoilers before watching the episode themselves, there was no need to worry. Sarcastically, one commenter posted dark screens indicative of the hard-to-see episode.

After about 45 minutes of pure battle carnage, the Red Witch decided to bless everyone with fire, which many fans appreciated because they could finally see what was going on.


Fans were so upset about the lack of light on the episode that Robert McLachlan, one of the directors of photography on the show, responded by explaining it was intentionally supposed to be dark. “We’re trying to be as naturalistic as possible.”

YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat responded back to McLachlan by reminding him there were dragons and wizards in the show, and they were long past being “realistic.”

It wasn’t long until the fans who actually enjoyed the ominous dark episode began to chime in.

It just goes to show that even a much-anticipated show isn’t always going to make all its fans happy. You just can’t please everyone.