Family Sues Universal Orlando for Not Having Ride Warning Signs in Spanish

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A family has filed a lawsuit against Universal Orlando Resort because the theme park did not have a warning sign about the possible dangers of a ride in Spanish. The family’s 38-year-old father suffered a heart attack in the park after going on the “Skull Island: Reign of Kong” ride.

The father, Jose Calderon Arana, had prior heart problems, according to a report by the Boston Herald. Outside of the ride, there is a warning sign that tells passengers with heart conditions not to ride.

“Warning! This ride is an expedition through the rough terrain of King Kong’s natural habitat. The movement of the truck is dynamic with sudden accelerations, dramatic tilting, and jarring actions,” said the sign.

The warning sign goes on to tell visitors not to ride if they have heart, back, neck, or blood pressure problems. Expectant mothers are also advised to pass on the attraction.

There is reportedly a drawing that accompanies the text, showing examples of each situation.

However, the warning’s text is only printed in English, which Arana could not read.

After going on the ride, Arana said he didn’t feel well, stating that his stomach was upset. He decided to sit on a bench to take a break, and his wife and son went on another ride while he rested.

While they were away, Arana suffered a fatal heart attack.

Arana’s family is suing the theme park for wrongful death, asserting that Universal was negligent since none of the warnings were posted in Spanish.

“Universal was aware of the great number of tourists on their premises who do not speak English,” claims the lawsuit.

The family’s attorney, Lou Pendas, also asserts that having ride warning signs in English, Spanish, and French isn’t unreasonable. He adds that it would allow park visitors to make informed decisions regarding whether they should go on any particular ride.

“This isn’t a crazy request or expectation. It’s actually quite basic in this day and age,” said Pendas. “You are asking for international travelers. This is a mecca for tourism. This is a very basic thing that should be thought of for the safety of patrons.”