Fake Homeless Woman Arrested After Video Reveals Her New Car

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A woman who was featured in a “Fake Homeless” video that went viral was arrested in Virginia on three counts of throwing a missile at moving vehicles, a violation of Virginia Statutes that could result in felony-level charges. Throwing missiles at moving vehicles? That allegation sounds serious.

As reported by WTVR, officers responded to a “disorderly situation” at the intersection of West Broad Street and Gaskins Road, a different location than the video was recorded, on Monday afternoon.

Henrico Police Lt. Richard Crosby, speaking about the incident, said, “Upon arrival, the officers located the female complainant in the parking lot near the IHOP restaurant,” continuing, “The complainant advised officers that while standing in the median, several people began harassing her and videotaping her.”

“While speaking with the complainant, the officers were approached by another woman who told officers that the subject they were talking with had thrown items at their cars while in the parking lot and that the incident had been videotaped, which was subsequently shared with the officers.”

The original “fake homeless” video was posted on YouTube on Sunday, showing the woman, Micha Leigh Dominguez, begging for money in Henrico’s West End at the intersection of Broad Street and Glenside Drive.

The men featured in the video began questioning Dominguez regarding whether she was truly homeless after seeing her approach her vehicle, a 2014 Fiat SUV, after following her from the median where she had been requesting money from passing cars.

During the video, Dominguez seeks help from employees at a McDonald’s, but they are unable to assist. While she stated the men were harassing her, the men interjected that she was violating the rules of the establishment by parking there without being a customer.

Dominguez was accused of not being homeless, though she claimed to have never said she was homeless and that she was disabled. When pressed about the nature of her disability, she stated, “that’s none of your business.”

The men went on to accuse Dominguez of taking money from the government that she does not need.

The YouTube clip was approximately 4 minutes long and was ultimately taken down by the site based on their policy regarding harassment and bullying. Before being removed, the video had been viewed more than 2 million times.

This is the internet, though, and the video is still circulating.