Fake Fitness Experts Sued by TV Station After On Air Prank [VIDEO]

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The trend of random people putting on fake personas or claiming that they’re an expert in a certain field in the hopes of getting on TV has been ever growing. Most recently, two comedians were successful in acting as if they were fitness experts making their way onto multiple news stations.


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The duo, Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher, who use the persona, “Chop and Steele,” have learned the hard way that their seemingly harmless antics may come with steep consequences as they are now being sued by one of the stations they tricked.


The lawsuit put forth by Atlanta-based Gray Television, which owns WEAU-TV, cited that the pair committed fraud, copyright infringement, and conspiracy to commit a wrongful activity.


Pickett and Prueher don’t regret their workout scandal, stating: “If they had done … their due diligence, that I feel like is the responsibility of a news organization, they would have known this was a goof. But, you know, they didn’t. That’s how it worked. There was no ill will about any of this. The joke is kind of on us. We were the ones being jerks on TV.”


Pickett and Prueher told Men’s Health that they were able to get on these different news stations relatively easily by telling the anchors that a workout tour entitled “Give Thanks 4 Strengths” was in town, and they wanted to promote it.

The comedians gave a list of fake accolades that involved supposedly appearing on America’s Got Talent and being the featured talent at Disney’s 60th anniversary.


The ridiculous workout routine was considered hilarious by many viewers as the duo demonstrated working out with 2-liter milk bottles and karate chopping sticks they found in the parking lot.


Whe the two appeared on Inside Edition to give their take on being sued, they made light of the situation.  “We are getting a big 60-page court document quoting the ridiculous things we said on live television,” Prueher said. “They’re trying to scare us, but we’re going to fight it because we’re well within our rights doing what we did.”

Apparently, some people just can’t take a joke.