Ex-Con Misses Job Interview to Save a Man Seriously Wounded in a Car Accident [VIDEO]

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Aaron Tucker was looking for a second chance at life. Recently released from prison, the 32-year-old ex-con was elated that he had a job interview a week after his release. But he never made it to the interview. Instead, the Connecticut man skipped the interview in order to save the life of a man trapped in a smoldering car.

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Tucker was living in a halfway house following his 22-month incarceration on a firearm charge. He knew he wanted to get his life back on track and needed a job to support his 21-month-old son. He was ready to become a productive member of society again.

Tucker’s perseverance worked; he had scored an interview at a local BBQ restaurant. With little to no money in his possession, the 32-year-old received a nice dress shirt from a friend. With just enough money for the bus fare, Tucker headed out for his interview.

Just as he boarded the bus, a car struck a tree and flipped over. Tucker wanted to help, but the bus driver informed Tucker that the bus would not wait for him if he got off.

But Tucker was determined to help. He got off the bus and ran towards the overturned vehicle. The driver was bleeding from a gash to the head, so Tucker used his only good dress shirt to try and stop the bleeding.

“He kept shutting his eyes and I made sure he stayed awake. I told him to open his eyes, I said, ‘your family wants you,’” Tucker recalled.

It wasn’t long before paramedics arrived at the scene and took over from there. Tucker says he has no regrets missing his interview.

“It didn’t go through my head because a job can come and go, but a life is only one time. The only thing running through my head is that person in the car could pass away and I could help him,” he said.

After word of Tucker’s heroics spread throughout the community, one local man wanted to find a way to repay him by creating a GoFundMe page that had a $35,000 goal. Four days after the page was created, the original goal was met and there is currently $57,000 in the fund.

A man who had made mistakes and found himself on the wrong path redeemed himself by helping another human being in need. Proof that its never too late to start over.