Everyone Thought He Died on a Mountain. Then They Sent in a Drone.

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While climbing in the Himalayas, Rick Allen began an attempt to reach the summit of Broad Peak, which has an elevation of 26,401 feet. As he tried to work his way up the 12th highest mountain in the world, he lost his footing and fell from an ice cliff. When Allen didn’t return to base camp, people presumed the worst.

“A number of people had assessed the situation and come to the conclusion that I was not going to come back,” said Allen, according to a report by CBS News. He was presumed dead.

It wasn’t until 36 hours later that there was any notion he may have survived.

A cook spotted what appeared to be a backpack in the distance. A pair of brothers, Andrzej and Bartek Bargiel, had a drone with them at base camp as they were planning to film Andrzej’s attempt to break a record involving scaling nearby K2 and skiing down it.

The Bargiels launched the drone and sent it toward the object.

While watching the camera feed, they found Allen desperately clinging to the mountainside.

After the discovery, a rescue team was formed. The group was guided by the drone to Allen’s location, and he was retrieved after only sustaining a few cuts and some frostbite.

Before his rescue, Allen believed that encounters with drones during climbs were irritating, “but this has changed my perception of them,” he said.