Ever Wonder What the Star on a Costco Price Label Means? Its Secret Meaning

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Everyone loves membership based bulk purchasing stores like Costco and Sam’s Club. While just being a member and buying in bulk can seemingly save you a good bit of money, did you know there is a secret label language at Costco that could be saving you big money?

Here are a few price label hacks that you might want to pay attention to.

Have you ever seen a product price ending in .97? You might notice that most prices end with a 9. If you see something other than a 9 (usually 7), then you’ve found an item that is marked down by corporate for a sale according to Costco Insider.

This means that Costco as a company is trying to get rid of the inventory of this product at that location. If you can check it multiple days in a row, you might even see the price drop lower if it isn’t selling as fast as they want it to.

If you see an item ending in .00 or .88 that means it’s a manager’s sale item. Likely this means the local manager marked this down because it’s the last of their stock and they need to move it ASAP. These can be some of the best deals you’ll find. Always be careful though, there are a few scattered reports of manager’s using the fact that some people know this to their advantage and pricing items with these types of prices when the discount given is very small.

Finally, what about that little star on the price label? Well if you see that little guy then you might want to stock up. It means that product is about to disappear from Costco shelves so you’re totally justified in buying 25 pounds of chips today.

h/t IJ review