Epic Footrace Ends Badly for Car Thief Who Thinks He Can Outrun California Cop [VIDEO]

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Good car chases make great television, especially when a southern California news crew (they get a lot of practice filming these things) is on hand to cover it. This is one of the better ones. It includes a textbook police chase, an action-packed end to the chase, and then an all-out race on foot. And the police get their man.

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This chase began in Huntington Beach on May 18. The thief stole a pickup full of tires. He made his way into Norwalk, and then into Buena Park before he was captured.

One of the more interesting side-stories here is the narration from the helicopter (or helicopters; they appear to have two in the air, as they switch camera angles frequently). As they approached Disneyland, they had to climb to avoid the theme-park’s airspace. The Buena Park police have a reputation for keeping the streets (and the sky above) clear, and the news crew knew it.

Yet even as they climb, the camera operator keeps an incredibly tight focus on the chase.

And the chase is epic, if not high-speed. The big truck can’t outrun the cruisers. It could out muscle them, except it doesn’t. One of the cops on the scene (car 44) executes a flawless pit maneuver that slams the bed of the truck into a light pole.

The driver then exits on foot, and the chase is on. It looks like the driver of car 44 is the one who pursues on foot. He had exited the car with his gun drawn, but chose not to shoot. Instead, he holsters his gun and the race is on.

At one point, it looked like the thief was going to prevail. The officer from car 44 tripped running over a median and does an amazing somersault forward on the asphalt, but comes up like he does this everyday and keeps up the chase.

The thief looks behind him and sees that he’s been out-manned, and he gives up. He flattens out in the yard of a house and then the real fun begins.

The suspect has yet to be named publicly.

A note on the video below. This is the full version, as related by the a local news crew in their helicopter. The chase is long, and the first four minutes look a lot like stock footage from Grand Theft Auto. Skip ahead to the 4:30 mark, though, and the action picks up. And it escalates quickly.