Emma Watson Unveils Feminist Tattoo at Oscars. There’s Just One Problem with the Grammar

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Emma Watson, the 27-year-old actress best known for her role in the “Harry Potter” films, sported a temporary tattoo on her forearm as she made her way down the red carpet on Sunday. The ink was on clear display thanks to her wearing a sleeveless dress. There was just one small problem with the tattoo; an apostrophe was missing.

Watson, who attended Brown University, seemed unaware that her temporary tattoo, featuring the phrase had a serious grammatical error.

Instead of reading, “Time’s Up,” a nod to the recent sexual harassment scandals plaguing Hollywood, it read, “Times Up.”

While Watson received some praise for sporting the tattoo, many on social media were quick to point out the missing apostrophe.

“Emma Watson got a ‘Time’s Up’ tattoo but it’s missing the apostrophe I sooooo though she was better than that #oscars,” said one critic of the tattoo.

“Crying at Emma Watson’s ‘times up’ tattoo, she just went from a 10 to a 4,” said another, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

This isn’t the first time Watson has toyed with temporary tattoos. In June 2010, the star donned a fake tattoo during a trip to Glastonbury Festival that read, “Mother Lover,” with the script placed inside a heart.

Last month, Watson donated £1 million to help victims of sexual assault. She has also been vocal when speaking out against Harvey Weinstein, a disgraced Hollywood producer accused of sexual harassment and rape by multiple female starts.

She has also been recognized as a face in the fight for gender equality, serving in 2014 as a Women Goodwill Ambassador for the UN.

Watson has also spoken out on Twitter, saying in a post, “I stand with all the women who have been sexually harassed, and am awestruck by their bravery. This mistreatment of women has to stop.”