Eagles Fan Brings Home Unique Super Bowl LII Memento by Sneaking Stolen Stadium Seat Past the TSA

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One Super Bowl attendee was apparently determined to bring home a lasting reminder of the Eagles victory. An unidentified man was spotted with a stolen US Bank Stadium seat, including in the airport terminal. Images of him attempting to take it home were captured by onlookers who shared them on social media.

After the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots during the Super Bowl on Sunday night, reports of fans stealing seats from the stadium, usually home to the Minnesota Vikings, began to surface.

One fan appears to have managed to leave the stadium with one of the seats, as he was spotted multiple times carting the seat around in public.

A video posted on Twitter by Barstool Sports shows that one Eagles fan got “his money’s worth” when he attended the game “by ripping his chair out of the stadium in Minnesota.” The footage shows the man at the coat check with the seat tucked under a jacket.

On Monday, a man waiting for his flight spotted a stadium seat stealer, showing the seat attached to a carry-on bag. While it is not known whether this is the same man from the coat check, there does appear to be a coat check ticket attached to the back of the seat.

“I kept waiting for somebody to say that he was too intoxicated to get on the plane or that he had to return the stolen item,” said Marcus Certa, who attended the game and was catching a flight home according to the Daily Mail.

Certa captured a photo of the seat and shared it on Instagram with a message to US Bank Stadium, which read: “You appear to be missing a seat. The drunk guy next to me has it.”

The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, which operates the stadium, said they were investigating the incident. They also asserted that all damaged or missing seats would be promptly replaced.