Dumped Girlfriend Parks Wall Street Boyfriend’s $100,000 Vehicle at the Bottom of Bahamas Pool

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A high-frequency trading expert on Wall Street broke off his year-and-a-half long relationship with a 24-year-old Russian woman after they had an argument about a business venture. The woman didn’t take kindly to the breakup and promptly decided to drive her now ex-boyfriend’s $100,000 car into the bottom of his pool.

Russian-born model Kristina Kuchma approached her boyfriend Guy Gentile about a possible business idea. According to Gentile, Kuchma pitched the idea of starting a marketing business at a casual dinner where she asked for a gift of $50,000.

Angered by her asking for a large sum of money out of the blue, Gentile ended the relationship while the two were vacationing in the Bahamas. “I said, ‘You know what? You got the wrong guy,” Gentile told the New York Post.

The Daily Mail reported that Kuchma threw hot green tea in the face of the banker before storming out and swiping his keys. Gentile said, “It was really disrespectful to do that at a restaurant I dine at a lot in front of a good friend of mine,” he explained.

She soon texted Gentile, who became an FBI informant to avoid prosecution during the 2007 Wall Street pump-and-dump scheme, in broken English, “Lier!”

She added: “You told me you will help me to start a business! That were your words! Now you want to be an investor??? Well investor I have a surprise for you on a backyard, start with that investment idea first.”

Gentile found his Mercedes S400 at the bottom of the pool. “My heart dropped because of [fears she was inside]. I didn’t care about the car at that moment,” the 41-year-old recalled. “But after I realized she wasn’t in it, then I start to get pissed off that she would pull something like this after everything I’ve done for her.”

It took over four hours for a tow truck to get the exotic vehicle out of its chlorine grave. Gentile filed a police report against Kuchma.