Dude Picks Up Bong, Fights Off Gang of Robbers at Dispensary [VIDEO]

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When a group of would-be thieves attempted to rob a cannabis dispensary, one employee didn’t stand idly by. Even though the suspects were wielding cans of bear spray, directing the chemicals towards the employees as they advanced toward the counter, a dispensary worker ignored the repeated instructions to “get the f*** down,” and picked up a weapon of his own.

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The incident took place in Tyendinaga, Ontario, Canada early last month, according to a report by Newsweek, and was recorded by the store’s security cameras.

A group of men came running into the Recreational Cannabis Farmers Market, a marijuana dispensary, with cans of bear spray at the ready. They rushed toward the two store employees, who were standing behind a counter, and started dousing them with the chemicals.

While both employees initially took cover, a male worker quickly re-emerged, now brandishing a large bong. Even as the suspects began screaming at him to “get the f*** down,” he faced off against the would-be robbers.

The attackers seemed conflicted about how to handle the employee, who was gripping the bong like a club. One attempted to use his can of bear spray against the vigilante, but it appears as though it ran dry.

Another suspect tried to hurl a box at the employee, but his aim was lacking.

After a bit of posturing, the would-be robbers seemed to decide that making an exit was a wise move. The employee did manage to get a solid hit in with the bong, smashing the end of glass piece to pieces.

A fourth suspect who was acting as the getaway driver managed to take off with the three other assailants in tow.

However, their attempt to rob the dispensary was ultimately unsuccessful thanks to the quick-thinking, bong-wielding employee.