Drunk Woman Leads Police on Chase in RV She Bought With Stolen ID as Her Dog Jumps Out of Moving Vehicle [VIDEO]

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A police chase that would rival any Hollywood action movie ended with a 52-year-old woman behind bars after she led police on a high-speed chase in an RV. Two bystanders were injured as the career criminal hit six cars and the side of a tree, which ripped off half the side of the RV.

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Julie Ann Rainbird was charged by the California Highway Patrol for DUI, evasion, hit-and-run and assault. The 30-minute high-speed chase all started after a Los Angeles woman reported that her identity had been used to buy a motorcycle, the Daily Mail reported.

Officers investigating the matter followed leads to Santa Clarita where they found the suspect, Rainbird, living in an RV. Rainbird fled the scene in the RV after officers knocked on the door. The woman tore through residential streets at a blistering 60 miles per hour driving erratically as she tried to outrun police.

Numerous cars were hit by the motorhome as Rainbird sped through the area. Rainbird was finally cornered in a mall parking lot when she drove up on the curb and hit a tree, almost ripping the entire RV frame off the vehicle.

At one point during the chase, one of her two dogs who were sitting in her lap, jumped out of the front window while the RV was traveling at a high rate of speed. The dog headed to the sidewalk and waited for officers.

The driver looked as if she was going to stop but apparently thought better of it after she saw her dog was unharmed. Rainbird was seen holding on to her other dog who was dangling from the front of the open window.

The chase finally ended at 7:35 p.m. when the motorhome crashed into the back of a car and smashed into a gated residence in a Tarzana neighborhood, NBC LA reported.

Even after the RV was nonfunctioning, Rainbird refused to be arrested and proceeded to hobble down the road with her dog until officers tackled her.

Both dogs suffered minor injuries and are in custody of Animal Control. Rainbird was taken to jail with a $100,000 bond.

It was discovered after she was arrested that she had two other outstanding warrants.