Drunk Teen with Flower Pot on His Head and a Running Chainsaw Robs a Convenience Store

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A drunken teenager took a unique approach when he attempted to rob a convenience store by wielding a running chainsaw, threatening two store clerks with the weapon and demanding money all while wearing a flower pot on his head. The man also damaged property, including a window, store shelves, and a car during his rampage.

The incident took place at about 4:30 am on a Monday morning in February 2014, when Steven Frank Steele, a resident of Leichhardt, entered a 7-Eleven convenience store in Ipswich, Australia. Steele, who was reportedly inebriated at the time, was carrying a running chainsaw and donning a flower pot on his head, attempted to attack two store clerks by lunging at them with the chainsaw and aiming to rob the store.

Both store clerks, who were cleaning a store coffee pot when Steele entered the store, ran from their attacker, taking refuge in a backroom and promptly calling the police.

Steele continued to demand money, knocking over and damaging two display shelves filled with snacks and smashing a window with the chainsaw.

When the clerks refused Steele’s request for cash, he reportedly dropped his pants, mooned the clerks, stole a soda, and fled from the store. Steele also damaged a car in the store’s parking lot before he left the scene.

A local police officer, who responded to the call made by the two terrified store clerks and was en route to the location, found Steele, who was still wearing the flower pot, strolling down the street, quickly detaining the suspect.

The chainsaw was discovered in a bush near the 7-Eleven after police canines were brought to the scene of the arrest and followed the suspect’s trail back toward the store.

After his arrest, Steele was charged with one count of armed robbery, one count of going armed to cause fear, two counts of willful damage, one count of possessing suspected stolen property, and one count of public nuisance.

Steele reportedly wore the flower pot in an attempt to obscure his identity during the robbery.

The entire incident was captured on store’s surveillance video system.

h/t Gawker