Drunk Idiots Arrested for ‘Testing Bulletproof Vest’ on Each Other

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One pair of men could be in serious legal trouble after their night of drinking led to an incredibly poor choice. Last Sunday, Charles Eugene Ferris, 50, and Christopher Hicks, 36, were arrested after Hicks went to a hospital complaining of chest pain and the reason for his discomfort was discovered by authorities.

While nearly everyone’s judgment begins to suffer after having a few adult beverages, Ferris and Hicks took it to a different level. While under the influence, the pair donned bulletproof vests and shot each other, something they initially tried to hide from police.

When confronted by local authorities, the two Arkansas men concocted a story to explain Hicks’ injuries.

Ferris, according to a report by Fox News, told police h was paid $200 in exchange for protecting an “asset,” a person he said he followed into Hobbs State Park. He then claimed that he and Hicks encountered a third man. When that third man approached the “asset,” Ferris said a gunfight ensued.

Police say Ferris claimed he was shot six times as he returned fire before he managed to escape with the “asset.” Then, he said the “asset” dropped the 50-year-old off at his vehicle, and that he dropped his weapons before heading to the hospital.

While the story isn’t highly plausible to begin with, the tale unraveled when Ferris’ wife arrived and admitted that the men had shot each other while they were on the back porch of their home and that they had been drinking.

Ferris reportedly recanted, saying that he lied in an attempt to prevent Hicks from getting into any trouble.

Ferris ultimately admitted that he had asked Hicks to shoot him with a rifle. Ferris’ vest stopped the .22-caliber bullet, but the impact still hurt. In a fit of anger, Ferris “unloaded the clip into [Hicks’] back.”

While Hicks only suffered from some bruising, the pair were both charged with aggravated assault, facing up to six years in prison.