Drunk Driver Slams One Last Beer Before Being Arrested After Day Drinking High Speed Chase [VIDEO]

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Talk about a party girl. Julia Myers, just 22, is awfully polite to the officers who arrested her. She’d been drinking since 9:45 that morning, and was reasonably well lit when she began her reckless road-race with police. But the clincher came when she exited the vehicle with a beer in her hand, complied with the officer’s demands to lie on the pavement, and then chugged what was left of her beer.

The police in Blount County, Tennessee were not amused. Myers was driving recklessly, near a school, and wouldn’t pull over. At one point, she came dangerously close to a head on collision with an officer who managed to get in front of her.

She then ran off the road.

She had enough control to get back in her lane, and continued her doomed attempt to outrun the officers.

When she did pull over, she was most gracious. That was after, of course, she decided to finish her beer.

It is hard to see in the image above, but the can is in her right hand.

This one is a bit easier to interpret. She’s clearly arching way back to try and get the most out of the can of beer.

One officer pulled the beer away from her. “What’s wrong with you?” he asked, disgusted.

He then kicked the beer away her.

That’s when Myer’s got remorseful. She tried her best to assure the police that she hadn’t intended to drive straight at them, and that she wouldn’t do them any harm.

She ended up with “10 charges for her reckless display, including driving while impaired, attempting to evade arrest, aggravated assault and reckless endangerment,” Daily Mail notes.

There were two passengers in the car with Myers. They were far more compliant. Myers, when her assurances to the police didn’t win her any favor, began “resisting arrest” and had to be restrained in the back of a patrol car.

She’s now in custody of the Blount County Sheriff’s department.