Drunk Customer Grabs McDonald’s Employee Due to Argument Over Straw. She Beats Him Down [VIDEO]

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When Daniel Taylor couldn’t find a straw for his drink, he didn’t handle it well. Instead of simply requesting one from an employee and staying calm, he flew into a rage when he didn’t like the answer, lunging over the counter and attacking the clerk. However, the female employee decided to fight back, landing several blows of her own.

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The fight took place at a McDonald’s in St. Petersburg, Florida. According to a report by Fox 5, Taylor, a homeless man from Clearwater, wasn’t able to find a straw for his beverage, and became aggressive toward employees.

However, there was a good reason the straws weren’t near the dispensers. A recent change to the law that went into effect on New Year’s Day this year requires restaurants to keep the single-use straws behind the counter, only providing them if a customer requests one. Beginning in 2020, they won’t be allowed in the city at all.

Taylor wasn’t aware of the change in the law.

“He didn’t see any drinking straws, so he yelled out to the employees he needs a straw — ‘Looks like somebody’s not doing their job up in here!'” said Brenda Biandudi, the woman who captured the incident on video.

“The young lady behind the counter told him that it’s the law now: ‘We are not allowed to have straws in the lobby, but you can request one.'”

Taylor didn’t take kindly to the clerk’s response. Instead, he decided to attack her, grabbing the female employee by the collar and pulling her toward him.

The young woman fought back, delivering several blows to Taylor’s face. A second employee then got in between the fighting pair.

“I want her a** fired,” Taylor screamed after the altercation.

“No, you’re going to jail,” the female employee shouts back.

While the first clerk wasn’t harmed, Taylor did injure a second employee when he kicked her in the stomach as she tried to escort him out of the building.

The local authorities were contacted and shown the video of the incident.

Taylor ultimately got away from the restaurant but was later caught by police officers after a call about an unarmed robbery at a gas station two miles from the McDonald’s led them to Taylor.

He was taken into custody and charged with two counts of battery. Local authorities noted that Taylor was likely intoxicated at the time of his arrest.