‘Drunk’ Airline Passenger Flashes Entire Cabin After Being Asked to Exit the Plane

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One female passenger on a domestic flight caused a commotion after being asked by a flight attendant to turn off her cell phone as the plane prepared for takeoff. The woman, who was said to be “intoxicated and upset,” reacted so poorly that she was asked to leave the flight. However, no one anticipated how her exit would go.

The incident, according to a report by Unilad, took place on a Spirit Airlines flight that was set to depart from Orlando International Airport and head to Newark.

When a flight attendant asked the woman to turn off her phone, a standard part of the pre-takeoff process, the passenger become extremely angry.

One passenger who was onboard the flight described the woman as “intoxicated and upset,” adding, “The flight attendant commented on turning off her mobile device and she got mad and started yelling.”

As the situation escalated, the woman was asked to leave the plane, and several passengers began filming the incident as it unfolded.

“Record all you f***ing want!” the woman shouted while facing the back of the plane.

She then bent over and began to twerk, flashing all of the passengers toward the rear of the aircraft.

In the footage, the woman can be seen collecting her belongings as she shouts at various passengers.

One person on the flight stated, “So proud to be trashy, I love it,” as the woman became increasingly enraged. The woman eventually told the passenger, “Go bite me then, b****.”

The woman does eventually exit the aircraft, and many of the passengers cheer as she leaves.