Drug Suspects Trapped in a Shipping Container Filled with Cocaine Call Cops on Themselves

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Last Wednesday, record-breaking heat left two men in a precarious situation. They were stuck inside a shipping container for several hours, and the oppressive temperatures made the situation incredibly dangerous. Even though the shipping container was filled with cocaine, the men become so overheated that they decided calling the police for help was the best option.

The men were stuck inside of the cocaine-filled shipping container, which was locked from the outside.

Law enforcement received a call and reported to the shipping yard, which was located at the port of Antwerp in Belgium.

According to a report by CNN, Belgium was experiencing its hottest day on record last Wednesday, and the men were quickly overheating. The outside temperature reached 102-degree Fahrenheit, and the temperature inside the shipping container was likely much higher.

“They called the police to get them out of there, because the container was locked from the outside,” said an Antwerp shipping police spokesperson.

When the police arrived, it took them approximately two hours to locate the right container. They found the men, ages 24 and 25 years old, along with the drugs.

“They found a lot of cocaine inside the container,” the spokesman confirmed.

The men reportedly confessed that they became trapped in the shipping container after they went inside “to remove drugs.” While it isn’t clear precisely how much cocaine was there, one report estimated that “hundreds of kilos” may have been inside.

After being found, port employees poured water over the men to cool them. The pair were then promptly arrested, and an investigation was launched by local authorities.

While Wednesday’s temperature in Belgium was initially record-breaking, the very next day, temperatures reached 105.2-degree Fahrenheit, demolishing Wednesday’s record.