Drug Dealer Showing Off Cash on Facebook Live Video When Cops Bust In

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Breon Hollings, 22, decided to stream over Facebook Live on Thursday to brag about the profits he made as a drug dealer. While the Jacksonville, Florida resident was boasting about his success and displaying a large sum of money to the camera, things took a turn when the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office made an unexpected appearance, declaring they had a warrant.

[Scroll down for video]

In the video, Hollings appears shirtless while filming in his bathroom. He fans out a significant amount of cash and begins telling his viewers, “We gettin’ money over here, man,” adding, “We got so much of this s*&* , man, ya’ll already know the story,” and saying, “This s&*& don’t stop.”

At approximately 54 seconds into the video, Hollings posture changes as the members of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department arrive and begin declaring they have a warrant over the loud speaker as Hollings runs out of the bathroom and out of the view of the camera.

As reported by Action News JAX, in the background, you can hear, “Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. We have a search warrant. Come to the front door,” repeating multiple times. Additional loud noises can also be heard which neighbors state were caused by officers throwing smoke grenades into the home.

You can hear the officers working their way through the home and even see some come into view of the camera intermittently as the clear the property. You can occasionally hear comments from the officers, including statements like “We are all good here” and “I’m going to start taking pictures.”

Once the home appears to be secure and an officer notices the camera is filming, he shifts its angle away from the door before the video seems to cut off.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office stated the raid was not because of the video, and the fact that Hollings was streaming at that time was purely coincidental.

Hollings is facing charges of possession of a controlled substance, possession of cocaine, possession of a weapon or ammunition by a convicted felon, and possession of paraphernalia for the manufacture or delivery of drugs. He has previously been found guilty on drug charges and also has prior convictions for criminal mischief, trespassing, and child abuse.